ClinCare Exchange

Providing secure and compliant file sharing solutions.

ClinCare Exchange

ClinCare Exchange is a file exchange tool developed with a focus on security and compliance.

The tool facilitates the exchange of confidential clinical data while being compliant with medical and pharmaceutical industry data sharing standards.

The tool provides the user with business and performance advantages including the ability to track who is downloading the file and send large files. It can be used as a standalone application and custom policies can be enforced on a per customer basis.

ClinCare Exchange feature advantages:


  • Transfer files from anywhere via Web
  • Send files without IT assistance
  • Larger files sent faster


  • Secure file management
  • Assured privacy with end-to-end encryption.
  • Access controlcentral management of user functions
  • Hosted on a dedicated server managed by UniWeb


  • Medical and pharmaceutical industry compliance

Archive utility

  • Audit trail reports on all file exchange activity

Less IT involvement

  • Reduces size of your mailbox
  • Overcomes attachment size limits
  • Unlimited file storage capacity