ClinCare ePRO

Patient reported outcomes (IWRS/IVRS/SMSRS/MobileRS)

ClinCare develops electronic patient reported outcome (ePRO) solutions for clinical trials. These include patient diaries and site-based questionnaires via Interactive Web Response System (IWRS), Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), Short Messaging Service Response System (SMSRS), and Mobile Response System (MobileRS). Our innovative technologies and expertise enable ClinCare to offer a variety of ePRO solutions.

An ePRO is a self-reported measurement in which a patient evaluates the status of his or her health condition. Through web or mobile interfaces patients participate in assessments by answering questionnaires or maintaining electronic health diaries, which provide sponsors with real-time access to patient data.

Patient-reported data supports clinical trials by bolstering efficacy and quality of life assessment, patient recruitment, symptom and safety information, and medical compliance monitoring in clinical research studies.

ClinCare ePRO offers seamless integration with ClinCare EDC and other third party systems. ClinCare can also provide integration with other medical devices and/or proprietary tools.


Major features and functionalities:

  • Collection of patient reported outcomes via IWRS/IVRS/SMSRS/MobileRS
  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Real-time access to patient data
  • Multilingual
  • Complete tracking — Higher quality data
  • Time stamps, audit trail
  • FDA and EMEA compliant
  • Seamless integration with ClinCare EDC


For Clinical Sponsors

Advantages for Clinical Sponsors

  • Robust reporting
    Seamless data capture and real-time access to patient data
  • Web-based
    Eliminates burden of custom software
  • Security
    Secure and user restricted access
  • Compliance
    Meets applicable regulatory requirements
  • Innovation
    Available integration with other medical devices, proprietary tools

For Patients

Advantages for Patients

  • Intuitive user interface
    Straightforward and easy to use from computer, tablet or mobile
  • Familiar tools
    Easy navigation of familiar tools
  • Naturally integrated
    Data entry integrated into daily lives